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Dirage 2018
17 June
Den Amer / Diest

1350 m²

Entrance 4€

Visitors Access
9 - 14u



DIRAGE stands for DIesters RAdio GEbeuren. This denomination is the flag that covers the yearly flea market organized by the UBA section DST (Diest), the first DIRAGE was organized way back in 1986.
In the early years, DIRAGE was mainly a local event where club members had the opportunity to get rid of their obsolete ham-stuff. In that period, we were already satisfied with a hundred visitors. The continuing growth of both the amount of material and the number of visitors forced us several times to move to a larger location, in 2007 we finally understood that our hometown Diest became too small for our event.

The move in 2008 to a modern and spacious location was an invitation to get rid of the old familiar concept, and to give DIRAGE a brand-new fresh and more attractive face.

Greater diversity in the offer of used electronic parts, a wide range of amateur equipment and antennas, the opportunity to take part in a demonstration of new ham equipment or new modes used by radio amateurs, and the fact that we give the possibility to related hobbies to show their skills is the reason why DIRAGE became the place to be for radio amateurs with different interests.

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